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Calm Sea

$40 off Registration/Uniform

Looking for an engaging and interactive way to learn from the comfort of your own home? Ask about our 

Online Virtual Class 

Perfect for teenagers, young adults, and adults of all ages. Call now to make an appointment!

Unleash Your Inner Strength:     
Mastering Resilience for a Thriving Life!


Black Belt Advancement.
Master the skills to navigate life's storms with grace and come out stronger on the other side! 
Do you have the confidence to face it?
Join us and we can do it together.





Ready to empower yourself with the tools for safety, confidence, and character growth?


Dive into our comprehensive self-defense program that goes beyond physical techniques to enhance your situational awareness and problem-solving abilities.


Develop the strength of character to face any challenge with poise.

Your journey to personal mastery awaits through the ancient system of 


(The Way of the Tiger)


 We offer private and group instruction in person or online. 

Call or Text 801-477-7402 for appointments/details.


To Contact Us


288 E Main St

Lehi, UT 84043

(Upstairs of Rage Fitness Building)

Tel: 801-477-7402 Call or Text

Contact Us: M-F 10a-7p

Dojo Hours: See class schedule

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    About Us   



Growing up in Southern California, I always had a deep-rooted desire to study martial arts. There was something about the discipline, focus, and the skills of it all that truly spoke to me. Unfortunately, the opportunity never presented itself when I was young. Fast forward a few decades and five children later, I finally decided to take matters into my own hands. I signed up for martial arts classes at my son's school!


Now, I am a 5th Degree Black Belt and have studied many elements and types of martial arts, but my true love is in teaching self-defense through this ancient system.  I find great satisfaction in watching my students develop agility, strength, respect, focus and self-control as they gain the courage to do hard things. These crucial skills are often lost in today's society. 

At Utah Tora Jutsu, our mission is clear: to help each student discover their true worth while simultaneously learning to protect themselves and others. The world of martial arts can often seem overwhelming and intimidating, but I have found it to be a place of order, peace, and personal growth. With experienced instructors guiding you every step of the way, you'll not only develop physical skills but also mental acuity and emotional resilience.


My mission is to help each student discover their true worth while simultaneously learning to protect themselves and others. The world of Martial Arts can sometimes be confusing and overwhelming. I have found it to be a place of order and peace, and I look forward to the opportunity to share that world with you and your family.

TORA-JUTSU (The Way of the Tiger)

is an ancient system of self defense, self awareness and self improvement that has followed a long and winding journey through peace, war, devastation, plenty, sadness, and joy. Over a thousand years of learning and sacrifice have made us who we are today. Learn more at 

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