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What is Tora-Jutsu?

It's very difficult to explain our style in a short space but if you would like to see it in action come check us out for a free trial. We'd love to see you. 



What age is appropriate to start the study of Tora-Jutsu?

We believe that no matter your age anyone can benefit from the study of Tora-Jutsu. Children learn the movements rather quickly, but adults and teens understand the theology behind those movements much more quickly. To understand the fundamentals and basics you need to be at least 7 years old. We have a little kids Tigers program for those 5-7 for learning basic movements and foundations. This is because we are a practical self-defense type of martial arts. You can teach a child to kick but the implications of using that kick is lost on younger children. Our system can and is studied, learned and utilized effectively today by all ages and walks of life.


How long does it take to earn a black belt?

That is a difficult question to answer. In ancient times, students would earn their black belt rank and become Sensei if they went off to war and came back alive.  Of course, that is not necessary or appropriate in modern times.  It typically takes years to master the skills to become a black belt in Tora-Jutsu. We study not only physical skills but the mental, emotional and moral implications of everything we learn and do.  To us, a black belt is not the end of our training but the beginning of true understanding and skill.  When you earn a Tora Jutsu Black Belt you become a true Student and a Teacher on the same day. 

Do you have contracts?

No. We are very flexible in our study options and welcome any who want to learn the art of Tora-Jutsu.

We encourage a 2 week trial period to see if the system is a good fit.

How is your tuition calculated?

Although we don’t have contracts we have a standard monthly tuition for different programs (you can still withdraw from these programs at anytime with a short notification period). We base our monthly tuition on a yearly amount divided by 12 months.  It includes holidays and breaks and is spread over the full year (for example December has 3 weeks due to winter break but tuition is the same). We also have great family discounts.  We love to have families train together.

What equipment do I need and are there other costs associated with training in Tora-Jutsu?

All equipment for Tora-Jutsu training is included in cost of tuition and registration except belt advancements or special seminars (Most seminars are no charge. We feel all students should be able to learn what is offered).

Do I have to be fit to train in Tora Jutsu?
Absolutely not.  We work with all levels of fitness and abilities to learn this ancient art. We train to use what tools we are given and work on those we don't have but want to develop.

Do you have a belt system and uniform?
We do have a standard belt advancement system and uniform for our students.  Occasionally, we award a Life Belt to those who are truly dedicated to their journey to black belt.  These students have one belt that they wear until they are promoted to black belt.


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